Core Platform Components

SWIP fits into existing infrastructure to let clients leverage on their existing IT and systems investments or acts as a standalone fully-fledged portfolio solution for all asset classes. The platform’s components can be used as standalone features or as a whole, creating a complete portfolio solution.

Integration & Connectivity

Untangle your internal systems infrastructure by letting SWIP do the work for you.

SWIP’s generic financial integration platform will connect to your internal data sources minimizing the resource demand from your internal IT department, letting your staff focus on business enhancing activities.


SWIP connects to API:s, Message Queues, reads data from files and databases.

It supports trading and banking standards such as FIX, FpML, SWIFT and accounting standards such as SIE.

Let SWIP be your middleware for validating, formatting and converting data to your internal systems and external vendors such as regulatory compliance reporting and accounting systems.

Streaming or Batch Processing

Batch processing is still being extensively used in the financial industry, but it has reached its end of life and traditional monolithic systems will soon have to give way for more modern streaming / real-time solutions.

SWIP can take care of your old traditional batch driven data flows handling them like real-time streams allowing you to flip the switch to real-time when your sources are ready.

Reporting & API:s

Once SWIP is connected your data can be delivered through reports, API:s and User Interfaces in the format of your choice.

SWIP’s API:s and message streams can be accessible by your developers or customized to deliver customized reports to handle your regulatory compliance reporting or minimize development work when needing data from new sources/vendors.

Record Keeping & Data Warehousing

Let SWIP be your main data store for your records to comply with regulatory compliance. Keep it secure but accessible for your key stakeholders.

The Only Data Model You Will Need

The SWIP data model can store any type of financial asset, liability and their corresponding transactions as well as their respective cash-flows.

This means that you won’t have to spend time modelling your database tables, trying to figure how to represent information in your portfolio. Swimbird has done it for you.

Secure & Safe

Your data is safely stored in our databases deployed on your premises or in the cloud. The level of access rights is determined by you and and can be configured on a role and user basis


Get the data you need when you need it.

Connecting to our databases, API:s or message streams or simply visualize it in our user-friendly web application or through scheduled reports.

Strategic, Analytic & Operational Functions

Use SWIPs built in analytical tools to gain better insights of your portfolio. Features can be toggled on or off and your can even hook in your own functionality to enhance the SWIP user experience.


SWIP calculates performance in real-time as soon as a transaction is received in the system or when market prices are updated.

Visualize your total performance history in our UI and compare it to standard or custom benchmarks.

Performance is calculated on a per holding level meaning that you can get a full history of all individual holdings contributions to your total performance.

Risk & Exposures

SWIP automatically calculated exposures when prices for your holdings are updated.
See your currency, region or asset class exposure or set up a measure of your choice.


SWIP can be used to automate your time consuming reconciliation processes by our connectivity layer and smart data transformer which parses and converts your source data into a matchable resultset.

Meaning that you can focus on getting matching reports without having to do manual, error prone comparison of pdf:s and excel-files.

Reporting & Apps

The SWIP UI is a central component of the SWIP platform and is built to be configured for your business needs. It comes packed with standard components that can be configured to give you the portfolio overview you want.

Feature Rich

The SWIP UI comes with a full set of components created for visualization of portfolio data, such as charts, graphs, tables, drilldowns, and more.

We know that every once in a while you want to extract static reports and therefore SWIP comes with export functionality to get your data into Spreadsheets or PDF:s.

Configurable & White Labeled

Our standard SWIP portfolio visualization dashboards are setup to make your user experience as good as possible.

But we know that you may have individual preferences that more suit your way of managing portfolios and hence all dashboards and pages in SWIP can be completely configured based on your needs.

Responsive & User Friendly

Financial applications have a tendency to not prioritize usability and modern look and feel since what matters most is the correctness and timeliness of the data in the systems.

However, we believe that one should not rule out the other and we’ve built the SWIP UI to be completely responsive, modern and user friendly.

Built for Flexibility

Find out how SWIP can be customized for your type of business

Family Offices

Get a complete overview of your portfolio, allocations and performance across all assets, instruments and geographies.

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Private Banks

Give your clients access to their total portfolio through our modern dashboard while giving your advisors the tools they need.

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Institutional Investors

Aggregate data across multiple sources through our smart integration hub and provide configurable user interfaces to different parts of your organization.

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Asset Managers

Integrate with all your sources to manage all investments and gain operational efficiency.

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