Get a complete overview of your assets and liabilities

Without having to copy-paste data from your custodians and brokers into spread sheets

Swip aggregates and keeps track of your investments

Let Swip aggregate and keep track of your investments giving you an overview of your performance, cross-custodians, cross-assets. Covering funds, stocks, bonds, derivatives, private equity and other alternative investments. All accessible through our user-friendly web application.

Your Tailored Experience

Give yourself and your investors a complete overview of your portfolio across all asset types and investments in real-time.

  • Alternative investments
  • Private equity
  • Funds
  • Equities
  • Derivatives
  • FX
  • Liabilities

Swip is a Saas cloud hosted solution or can be deployed inhouse on your existing infrastructure

Performance & Exposures

Get a clear view of your total portfolio performance compared to benchmarks and visualize how your individual investments have contributed to your performance

View your exposures cross currency, region, sector and asset class at a glance presented in intuitive charts, graphs and tables.

Customized for all your stakeholders

Setup user access rights for all your stakeholders such as portfolio managers, accountants and board members.

All features in Swip are controlled by access rights and roles can be assigned to let users get separate views depending on what they should be allowed do or see in the system.


Swip keeps track of all your accounts and transactions enabling you to get reliable bookkeeping data. Export standardized accounting files to integrate with your accounting systems.

  • Less time wasted on manual copy pasting from spreadsheets

  • More reliable data due to minimizing risks of manual errors

How it works

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